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Who Sends Flowers?

We send flowers to those who have had an impact on us.  We send flowers to those we care about.  They often symbolize momentous occasions, life’s milestones: graduations, anniversaries, holidays, births and deaths.  We give flowers to the most important people in our lives.  What is the meaning of gifting flowers among business partners? — It means same thing.  Those who serve us and make our lives easier, selflessly go the extra mile on our behalf, we ask ourselves “what would we do without them?”.  While assisting a local medical facility in a budgeting exercise, Lisa Henderson of THE CABOT GROUP was recently sent flowers for her contribution to the project.

It means you delivered a level of service greater than the compensation for your work.  It means you have made a personal connection with those you served.  It means you had a great impact on those you interfaced with and they want you to know how they feel.  These are all things that THE CABOT GROUP strives to accomplish with every client.  The care and attention paid to each client SHOULD leave each saying “I don’t know what I would do without them”.

Here at THE CABOT GROUP we want every client to send us flowers through our work delivering an exceptional real estate experience, every touch point, every time.  If you have never sent flowers to your commercial real estate advisor / service provider, we would love the opportunity to speak with you about how we may change that.

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