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The Sky Is Not Really Falling– It Almost Never Does

Submitted by D. Saperstone
Now that the protracted and often bitter election season is over, we in the real world can get back to business. There are numerous signs that the economy is improving, though it is painfully slow and uneven across the country. Interest rates will surely remain low for some time to come, the unemployment rate will gradually come down, the so-called fiscal cliff will be avoided and investors will grow more confident as they seek better returns for their investment dollars. All of this is good news for the real estate market.

We at The Cabot Group have, for some time, seen very positive evidence that the economy, in general, has steadily improved with real estate investing growing more attractive every quarter. Our experience is supported by:

·         The number of multi-family projects currently under construction in our market

·         The premium investors are willing  to pay for existing, high quality multi-family properties

·         The growing interest and sale of vacant develop-able land

·         A reduction in the length of time commercial office space remains vacant

·          Reduced pressure on landlords to offer rent concessions to attract tenants

·         Consistently high occupancy rates across almost all product types even as rental rates escalate

·         Growing availability of financing options at attractive rates

Our clients rely on us to provide accurate and timely counsel with respect to their real estate investments. The Cabot Group treats their money as if it were our money. This corporate culture guarantees our clients that we will always operate in their best interest—today, tomorrow and long into the future. We place great value on long term client relationships. To achieve this goal, we have to have the trust of our clients, irrespective of the often wild ride of the markets. That trust is earned by us day in and day out by demonstrating integrity, professionalism, unmatched market research and hard work. We focus on the individual needs of our clients over the long haul. The long haul includes periods of unsettled economic cycles. Our job at The Cabot Group is to find opportunities for our clients even in down cycles. We know these opportunities exist because we’ve uncovered them in the past and our collective experience is absolutely certain that the Sky Never Falls.

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