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Should I Hire a Real Estate Advisor?

Unless your organization has a fully staffed, in-house real estate department which is comprised of individuals having a wide range of real estate skill sets, the answer is always a resounding “yes”.   Even if your real estate needs at the time seem simple, such as renewing a lease, your organization must always retain a level of bargaining power; something a dedicated real estate team can deliver through detailed knowledge comparable alternatives in the market.   By limiting yourself to only one option, you have no leverage to push for concessions, no matter how reasonable.  A real estate advisor increases the demand for your tenancy by exploring all available options in the market. In doing so, you not only have the possibility of better alternatives, but also the ability to bargain more effectively.

The need for a real estate advisor is magnified as the complexity of the transaction grows.  Be it the nuances of the details of a lease or purchase or identifying the option that delivers the greatest amount of value to your organization. a real estate advisor is essential to the success of the endeavor.   A skilled real estate advisor will evaluate all details of any transaction, identify the potential risks and pitfalls and outline how your organization may be impacted for years to come.  Buy or lease, build-out or move, stay but add a satellite location… you will have all of the information available to make the right decision.

In much the same way that we do not draft our own legal documents or perform our own dental work, a dedicated real estate advisor has the ability to provide the expertise that will maximize the value your real estate delivers to your organization...

Do not gamble with what can be one of the most important business decisions you may ever make.  Real estate advisors work to see that their clients gain value from every transaction. Their success is measured by the success of their clients.  Retain a seasoned real estate advisor for your next real estate transaction and you will quickly begin to realize that you don’t know what you don’t know.

At THE CABOT GROUP, the Corporate Services team is dedicated to providing a solution to any corporate real estate need. From facilities maintenance to relocation, planning to leasing, financing  to selling, they have the experience and expertise to ensure a successful result.  Contact us for an evaluation of your organizations real estate needs.

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