Service Request

Information and Infrastructure Security

Technology is an integral part of our day to day existence. Maintenance requests, alert systems, communication channels and the like are all put in place to ensure the safety and comfort of the tenant as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible.  How would the maintenance crew respond to a lapse in their service request servers? In order to prevent hiccups in customer service, facilities managers must take proactive steps.

Identify Critical Systems

Decide what you cannot do without. Imagine all systems and semblance of order has fallen apart for three days; what would present the most pressing resulting issue? Understand the priorities of your tenants and make these items your same priorities.

Make and Institute a Backup Plan

Are generators necessary? A cloud server for maintenance could circumvent avoidable downtime.  Some proactive thinking and planning can provide a blueprint for action and expedite normalcy for your tenants.

Write it Down

Simply putting pen to paper can preserve pre-established protocol over time.  New employees should be trained and briefed on all security protocols.

Talk About it

Making sure not only that the protocol exists, but further that everyone is on the same page can shave precious seconds off of response times.  Action should be second nature for employees.

Fortune favors the prepared. If you desire consistent performance of your facilities you must prepare your technological infrastructure for the worst-case scenarios.  Facility Managers must remember that the technological systems we put in place are to add convenience and efficiency and should never be seen as an infallible system.

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