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Facilities Management Q&A

1) What is Facilities Management?

Facilities management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

2)Distinguish between an organization’s core and non-core business and describe the relationship between the two.

All companies and organizations have a primary focus or mission. How the organization plans to complete its mission would be considered its core business. All supporting functions that help the organization focus on its mission could be considered non-core business.

3)Describe the range of services covered by facilities management.

The core competencies of facilities management include communication, emergency preparedness, environmental stewardship and sustainability, finance, human factors, leadership and strategy, operations and maintenance, project management, quality and technology.

4)Why do different organizations have different facilities management needs?

Organizations’ facilities management needs will vary depending on the complexity of the facility and the use of the facility. Air conditioning requirements for a surgery center will be much different than the requirements of a bank branch. Critical services must be identified and a maintenance program must be developed to insure the facility and the supporting mechanicals are always available, reliable and maintainable.

5)Explain the importance of developing a formal strategy for facilities management.

Facilities management can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the facility and its impact on the  employees and guests. A well defined and implemented facilities management strategy will allow corporations to create a more comfortable atmosphere through reliable and well maintained facilities.

6)Describe the three key stages to creating an effective facilities management strategy and implementation plan.

1) Starting from the outside of the facility and working your way into the facility, identify every opportunity that may somehow impact the facility, the people and the process.

2) Develop a specific plan for each opportunity identified.

3) Implement the plan and continue to evaluate and improve.

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