The Cabot Group Makes The Grade

We are proud to announce that two of the apartment communities managed by THE CABOT GROUP in Rochester, NY have been distinguished by as Top-Rated apartment rentals for 2021. THE CABOT GROUP earned an overall A rating, based on a series of reviews during the award year, for Hidden Creek Townhomes and Apartments in Irondequoit and Windsor Gardens Apartments in Greece. ApartmentRatings’ annual Top-Rated awards recognize properties with outstanding resident satisfaction as measured on Seeing as only 5% of the total properties listed on the site qualify for…

THE CABOT GROUP Facilitates Opening of Golisano Behavioral Health and Wellness Center

With a global pandemic well under our belt, and with a wealth of other contributing and compounding factors, the need for easy access to quality pediatric mental health care has never been more critically apparent. A nationwide movement to normalize mental healthcare is well underway, perhaps due to an increased understanding of how psychological processes correlate with our physical health. Who better to answer this call and meet the need for outstanding pediatric mental healthcare than the Golisano Behavioral Health and Wellness Center. THE CABOT GROUP was delighted to oversee…

Response to COVID-19

As a multidisciplinary commercial real estate services firm, we serve a wide variety of constituencies (advisory clients, owners, residents, tenants, leaders, etc.) — all of whom are directly impacted by the coronavirus and COVID-19.

Smart Buildings Getting Smarter

“Smart buildings” are the next big thing on the horizon of commercial real estate technology, yet remains largely undefined.  Subjectively, it sounds like a proposition each commercial real estate owner/investor should consider.  Demand has largely driven the emergence of smart buildings, particularly in the last five years.  Main Street Engineering looks to companies like Google and Apple for cues when selecting office space for their growing company; eco-friendlier, more sustainable, and hip.

The Art of the Deal Begins with Client Trust

The commercial real estate brokerage business is very competitive. Regardless of the specific market or size of the agency, all commercial real estate brokerage firms are busy chasing clients and deals. In many cases, multiple brokerages are chasing the same client and same deal. It’s just the nature of the business and not unlike most successful businesses in any sector. However, the culture and business model of commercial real estate firms varies greatly and is a function of the firm’s leadership and history. Obviously, all of us want “the win”—we want to successfully close deals. That’s how we get paid and stay in business. But, how we go about representing our clients and get “wins” is important to those of us who place a value on integrity and honesty. Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of developing client trust which, in turn, generates a mutually cooperative long term relationship.