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8 Reasons to Use a Commercial Real Estate Broker

1) A broker is your gateway to commercial real estate and acts as your representative for all facets of the transaction. As a trusted advisor, a broker optimizes the process and maximize the value delivered to the client in many ways which is essential when embarking on such a complex endeavor.

2) An experienced broker has navigated the process many times before.  He/ she knows the challenges that could arise and is prepared for the unexpected.   Contingency planning will ensure a seamless transition for you and your organization regardless of what arises.

3) All correspondence with your broker is kept confidential.  This is important not only for the sake of you and your employees but also to ensure that strategic decisions are not compromised.

4) Your broker is an expert in their field and can use the spectrum of resources to find the location and facility that optimizes your business.  A skilled broker can match you with a location that accommodates your business today and in years to come.  Your facility is only as valuable as your ability to function within it.

5) A broker can outline and contractual obligations and simplify the process for the client.  He/she can provide all paperwork needed and ensure that the correct steps are taken and all deadlines are met for each phase of the process.

6) Most brokers have experience within several different practice groups. They know what is needed by the clients to be able to deliver efficient and effective industry-specific real estate solutions.

7) Your broker can provide you statements outlining each phase of the process, not only before the transaction begins but also throughout the process.  The client can see exactly where they are in the process at all times with access to all preparatory materials.

8) The added value a broker can offer greatly exceeds the costs associated with the transaction.  A commercial investment is one of the largest and most complex decisions one can make so be sure you have enlisted the help of a professional brokerage firm to maximize the value of your real estate.

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